Tack Hover Sit Test | Abigail Dupree | Master James
December 25, 2016
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Quality assurance is one of the most important things to Master James... that's why he makes most of his gear by hand. However, there are several items that he uses in his craft that he simply doesn't have the time or resources to make... and that is where slave abigail comes in very handy. She loves being her Master's human guinea pig. Today, Master James needs to test out the quality of some thumb tacks he purchased for future sadistic endeavors, and what better way to test them out than with the broad side of His slave's ass. She carefully counts out 40 tacks and places them meticulously onto the seat of a chair while adorned in leather and chains. Master James gets tired of waiting so he hurries her along with his motivational whip. She then follows his orders for her to hover over the shiny points and slowly lower her freshly paddled bum down onto the tacks with her full weight. What an obedient little guinea pig. Sensual Pain Studios - Extreme Productions LLC
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