Please Satan | Abigail Dupree | River Enza | Goddess Kyaa
October 29, 2017
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Sister nuns, River Enza and Abigail Dupree have really gotten themselves into trouble in this wickedly sexy trip to Hell where sister Abigail will have to fight for sister River's soul that she so foolishly sold to the sadistic She Devil, Sataness Kyaa (aka Goddess Kyaa). Knowing full well that she would be in for an eternal ass fucking, sister River basically throws her Devil Dick craving ass at Sataness Kyaa's feet, sealing her fate as Her fuck slave for all eternity. 
Sister Abigail was not going to let her sister throw her vows to God away... not without a fight at least, so Abigail challenges this Demoness to a dual in Hell and She eagerly accepts the pathetic challenge with sadistic delight. 
Bending Sister Abigail over the same wooden donkey that She had just fucked sister River into a pulp on, She makes sure her arms and legs are securely bound to the floor, knowing full well that She is going to put a hurting on Abigail's holy ass while sister River is forced to watch from the upright confines of the standing cage. 
If at any time, sister Abigail shows a sign of enjoying herself, she too will be damned to an eternity of boot licking, ass kissing Hell as Sataness Kyaa's sex slave. 
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