Thank you for your years of interest in O/our Journey 

And now W/we start a new path with a New site in Sadomasochism

Which includes Male, Female and Transgender All Gender Inclusive 


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Sensual Pain


I am looking for local (Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene) kinky people into Bondage and impact play - Especially masochistic bottoms - All Gender inclusive - Contact me for details.

Because of Extreme BDSM censorship, I’ve just created a Telegram channel where I will be posting teasers for most of my new content. I’m migrating all Twitter content to the Extreme_BDSM_kink Channel, will be updated at time permits. to join.
Or you can message me directly contact -]
Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security


Scheduled content sessions

17 July - phitful phinesse

10 - 12 July Dart Tech

04 July - Master Ron, slave Butters cis male

27 June - slave 939 transgender MtF

26 June - Story cis female

20 June - slave Sven cis male

19 June - phitful phinesse cis female meeting

13 June - mouse cis female

12 June - Master Ron, slave Butters cis male

04 June - Pup Freya transgender MtF

29 May - Master Ron, slave Butters cis male

21 May - Baby Girl Cum Slut and partner cis female

07 May - Baby Girl Cum Slut and partner

08 May - Master Ron, slave Butters 

01 May - little mouse

30 April -pup Freya

24 April  -little mouse

16 April - Baby Girl Cum Slut and partner


Update 11 June 2021

170 video have be Repopulated 

Working on the site becoming more user friendly 


Update 01 May

Videos are being populated and the Billing company has activated and approved

The first batch of over 500 videos are being uploaded within the next couple weeks... Stay tuned


Update 23 - 28 April

Dart Tech was here at the studio for the Hell Week collaboration which proved to be successful in producing and filming 5 Extreme videos and 1 sensual moment with slave Abigail Dupree on video. To be released in a couple weeks.


Update 26 march;
The files have been transferred over from the older server to a new server and now looking for a CMS to recreate the site . Older content will be again available and new writings, photos and videos will be available a soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

January 2021

Just a quick note to all the dedicated fetish, kinky people that have either been involved with, supported and/or have been inspired by the work and content we have published on, Extreme Productions LLC the past number of years. Times are changing the way we present the Real BDSM you have come to know and enjoy.

Unfortunately, we have lost the support from the Hosting Content Management System and payment processors that we were affiliated with do to uninterested parties who are unwilling to update our sites along with theirs. Yep, kicked to the curb along with our long-term associates including Alebeard at! It has been tough for all of us one way or another during the passed year.

So now, we are currently looking for other payment processor options to process payments for our "high-risk" BDSM content then onto creating a new look for the sites. We are already looking into Cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin, but most enthusiasts would not consider using this option, would much rather use the convenience of the plastic cards.

Thank you for your understanding and love for the Real artistic entertainment we produce.

Be well
Master James
slave Abigail
Sensual Pain Studios
Extreme Productions LLC

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