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The Art of Suffering for Pleasure

A medieval real device bondage BDSM involving Extremely Sexually Explicit 18+ adult content Real Master/slave Sadomasochism 

We feature some of the hottest adult Master/slave BDSM content in the industry today involving Male/Female, Male/Male and Male/Transgender sessions

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10+ years Documenting O/our BDSM lifesyle


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Sensual Pain

Master James;
I am a professionally skilled sadistic Master in the realm of BDSM that sessions and teaches masochistic slaves and submissive painful pleasures.
I am Master James owner of sex slave Abigail Dupree
18+ BDSM Producer handler owner of SensualPain.com

Sensual Pain Studios is a journey of a real life Master/slave dynamic with a fecund imagination in painful handmade bondage devices that assist in sadistic deviance


All SensualPain content is of me, by me or inflicted from my instruction to my slaves

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💥 Attention slaves and subs 💥

I am the right Sadistic dungeon Master for extreme - medium restraints and devices for further manipulation of the senses. So if you are seeking consensual fetish kink in bondage, I am here to negotiate a scene, if you peek my interest.

I am looking for local (Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene) kinky people into Bondage and impact play. Further distance extreme BDSM seekers need to find their way here to me for that experience that you just cannot find otherwise.

- Real Bondage
- Negotiated
- All Gender inclusive
- I host
- BDSM painful pleasure
- Let's do your kink
- No sexual b/g intercourse
- Real Master/slave
- COVID aware
- Consensual
- R.A.C.K
- Experience not required
- Safe and professional
- Must be over 21

Theme related kink;
Seeking out people who enjoy extreme BDSM as much as W/we do, or at least curious about the lifestyle. It has always been O/our specialty with traditional BDSM impact play spanking featuring bondage, whips, paddles, canes, steel torture devices and other implements of extreme pain and sensual pleasure. Pleasure in genital manipulation with hooks, clamps, dildo, vibrators, fucking machines, electrical e-stem. Bondage including devices, steel and wood to bind and embolize, leather and garment bondage. Kink related themes.

Master/slave or Dom/sub;
Submission and discipline as a sub or slave is easy if your interests are triggered while in submission. (Submitting in a scenario for a certain time period) I am not interested in having you clean my house or pull weeds in my yard. The submission I refer to is that you react in a respectful way while I manipulate your senses, sexual triggers both mentally and physically. Play acting for a desired effect. Submitting to me your desire to be played with. I will want your reactions, good and bad as I lead you through a devious scenario. If you act like a brat, I will discipline you with either pain or pleasure. You would not be able to move or get away unless I release you or you give me your safe-word to stop the scenario. If you react respectfully, I reward you with things you like.

Sessions are recorded for legal reasons unless otherwise negotiated. If the material is usable you will be contacted and compensated for your part in a video produced by Extreme Productions LLC.

Are you mobile, able to come to Salem for a meeting?
The meeting is to make sure we are on the same page, we can get a feel for things and possibly discuss a session with no pressure to go forward. I will meet you with my slave Abigail Dupree

So I need to know your kinks to reward you or punish you by what pushes your senses, in ways we both enjoy as adults in discovery of energy exchange.
Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List

Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List - Artextreme | FetLife

Master James
Salem Oregon

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