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Defining The Nature of Our Relationship

You are my slave. Not my wife. Not my girlfriend. Not my submissive. Your gift to me is your total submission.

I am your Master. Not your husband. Not your boyfriend. Not your Dom. My gift to you is my total dominance.

Each of our gifts is complementary to the other. Neither means anything without the other. Without submission, there can be no dominance. Without dominance, there can be no submission. For this relationship to work, you must be submissive to me and I must be dominant over you. If either of us fails in our responsibilities to the other, this relationship will be much more difficult and unpleasant for both of us.

Being your Master doesn't mean that I am better than you. It doesn't mean that I'm always right. Do not expect perfection in me, because I am no more perfect than you are. Being your Master does mean that I am in charge and have the responsibility of maintaining discipline over you. I will always take that responsibility very seriously.

Your Primary Duties Listed in Order of Importance

Seeing to the needs of your Master.

Dealing with the day to day issues of the household. Groceries, cleaning, laundry.

Helping me in my business.

Anything else I choose to give you.

General Protocol Rules

You will be immediately obedient to me at all times in all things, and you will not deny me anything that I request (excepting the limitations in our contract). You will be open to my touch and will be available to me whenever I choose to use you however I choose to use you.

You will maintain your submission to me at all times. You will refer to me as Sir, and you will be demure and soft spoken in your speech to me. You will be polite in the extreme. You will show me in your actions that I have a fine lady as my slave, and that she treasures my discipline as much as I treasure her submission.

You are to focus your attention on being pleasing to me, anticipating my needs, and in being an asset to me in my business and personal life.

You will not argue with me.

You will not interrupt me when I am speaking.

You will not show anger or disrespect towards me at any time.

If you have a request, you will ask it respectfully. "Sir, may I please..." or "Sir, would you please..." are acceptable forms of speech. You will not tell me what to do nor speak to me in a dictating manner.

Your day will be organized. You will maintain a "to do" list, and you will share it with me when I ask to see it. From time to time, you will be asked what you have accomplished for the day. Be ready to tell me. I may or may not choose to praise you. Do not for a moment think you have any right to my praise. It is my gift to give, not yours to demand.

You will see that I have a work space that is as clear of interruptions as possible.

When you find yourself getting frazzled, you will bring it to my attention before it gets out of hand. You are responsible for maintaining a proper attitude. If this becomes impossible, you will ask for help.

You will accept my commands, criticism, and praise humbly and without expectation of any particular format. The proper response to a command or criticism is "Yes, Sir", and to praise, "Thank you, Sir."

You will listen to me and do your very best at attempting to become a better slave each day. I will always expect more of you than you think you are able to give, so do not be surprised or resist me when I am demanding in my expectations of you. As you strive for excellence in your service, your submissive headspace and sense of satisfaction will grow as well.

You will pay attention to the needs of your body. This includes taking your medications and vitamins, keeping your weight under control, and exercising regularly. You will not masturbate without permission. You will cleanse your face of make up each day and will see the doctor for any check ups that you should be getting. You are my most precious possession, and I expect you to take good care of yourself.

You will wear your silver collar at all times unless you have good reason not to and have asked for my permission to take it off.
High Protocol Rules

High protocol will generally be in the evening.

Each evening, and no later then 10:00, you will shower and make yourself presentable to me. By 10:15, you will present yourself with your leather collar. At that time, you will be prepared to recite a complete poem during your transition to your leather collar.

Once you are in your leather collar, if punishments are called for from the day's activities, they will be dealt with at this point. Afterwards, any special requests you would like to make of me for the evening may be asked.

You will speak in the third person unless I specify otherwise.

You will keep your eyes lowered at all times.

You will refer to me as "Master", and will be immediately responsive to me when I speak to you. The proper response to my commands is "Yes, Master", and to my criticism, "Thank you, Master".

When you are in my presence and standing, you will stand at parade rest, hands behind your back. You will keep your back straight, your chin up, and your eyes lowered. When we are talking, you will not turn your back to me or walk away.

You will sit at my feet, kneeling only for short periods during service. You will sit on the furniture only with permission.

When you enter a room I am in, you will ask for permission to enter: "Sir, may your slave enter the room?" When you leave a room I am in, you will ask for permission to leave: "Sir, may your slave leave to do...?"

If you need to use the bathroom, you will ask permission before going: "Sir, may your slave use the bathroom?"

You will learn to perform various types of personal services including bathing service, back massage, foot service, boot service, and cock service.


When you break these protocols or are found displeasing to me, you will be punished. The level of punishment will be determined by the extent of the infraction and my judgment. Punishments may include corporal punishment or withholding of privileges. Privileges that you might lose would include orgasms, being allowed to speak, using the furniture, sleeping in a bed, showering, reading, wearing clothes, SM scenes, dinners out, nights out with friends, working in your garden, use of your computer, talking with friends on the phone, and use of the car. Punishments will not be pleasant, and they may be delayed until we have privacy. Do not expect me to be lenient because I won't be. Follow my rules or face punishment.

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