A word on my BDSM Master/slave Lifestyle

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A word on my BDSM Master/slave Lifestyle
Subvert the dominant paradigm

I have been festinated by the slave mind for quite some time now. I discovered it in high school in a girl quite to my surprise and I knew that this was my kind of love.
Of course upon discovery, I had to dissect it and play with it, so the dynamic only lasted 2 years. But during those 2 years, she showed me what true submission is. An amazing time in both of our young lives, I had her do some of the most amazing things that only a slave mind could accomplish.
I did not call this phenomenon slave mind or slave heart, I referred to it as 'The Need'. This Need is in most all humans, but for some it becomes very naturally the prime focus in their life to serve, hopefully in an environment that is strictly empowering to submit completely to a worthy dominant.
It takes a long time to understand the BDSM Master/slave dynamic from a Masters point of view, at least it has for me. There are rules, an idealism that the Master has to implement that harbors trust, openness and a humble belief that this kind of relationship has purpose on a completely different level that most will never understand.

And that is okay.

I understand and practice the ideals of R.A.C.K. - (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) as well as SS&C (Safe, sane and consensual) in my BDSM life and practice.

Not all members of the various BDSM communities adhere to one principle to the exclusion of the other. Some people subscribe to both mottos, using SSC as a description of the activities to any member of the general public, while using RACK as a description of the activities within members of a community.

Still others define their own terms, the term PRICK (Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink) in particular emphasizes the concept of taking personal responsibility for your actions, as well as an informed analysis of the risks.

CCC - In some "old-guard" circles the term "Committed Compassionate Consensual" is circulated.

My interpretation and studies are from life experiences as well as read and studied from respected, practicing members world wide in various fields pertaining to a particular scene as well as many of the "old-guard" practicals. As such, with a humble attitude, I am a seasoned player even a professional when it comes to a scene with the knowledge that I always learn something new to add to my arsenal of torture and sensual pain.

As an empath, I am able to ride the edge, swaying back an forth on the fence between here-n-now and euphoric painful pleasure, unreachably higher than just straight pleasure.
As a switch, I understand what pain is, from what instrument and where on the body it is applied..
As a primal, I go for the throat, as it were, very quickly bring the primal out to play..
As an hedonist, I enjoy the interaction as itself and all aspects of play including the first attraction through the last need of rest from exhaustion.
As a sadist, you would not forget me, after I get you for a short spell.

DEBRIS - The system of one-time decision
DEBRIS - Domination Enhanced Beyond Rule Induced Superiority
DEBRIS... is not a game

When viewing my interactions with others in this BDSM occupancy, please remember that scenes and play are planned out and always consensual. One should not assume or mirror an act, or scene, without risk assessment and/or knowledge of such potentially lethal play.

Here on my profile there is from time to time a captured still moment of me enjoying her painful predicament up close and personal. Though young and fragile physically, she has a strong constitution in mind and spirit. The sadist in me toys with this young fragility she emits in abundance. The efforts are in the choosing from numerous torments she has never experienced, could prove fatal at any moment.. The balance shifts fast, but you cannot judge her absolute limits by the painful noises of pitiful anguish that escapes her lips. Yes, the torment continues under her sobbing and begging plea's to be released , noises that would cause others to rush to her safety, the genetic code that compel most to help another from pain and suffering, that I do posses, but love the choice to rather listen to the music of anguish, poke the tender bits as it were.. I pump my foot to that cadence.. Is this wrong?... nahh... not if I have their consent and remind them of their safe word..

You know, your preferred torture

I give you tastes of it now and then, mostly denying you until just the right time. The hours or days have long ticked by, not caring much why. At which time your in great need, I deliver a huge dose of your greed. This makes you go slightly insane, I see this by the way your body twitches again and again, the limits of your pain.

The torture never stops! You forget how to ask for mercy, you forget about your pussy. Repeating this time and again your existence takes on new and different meanings. You become binary, bending to no identity, an IT your mind and spirit will marry. IT will be a mindless gimp, a slave or servant for other purposes without the need to primp.

IT's payment for said torture is submission, obedience and horror. IT's individuality stripped, that voice has been clipped. IT's future is poor with true suffering, tears that wet the floor. IT no longer asks for anything, eager to serve. IT uses what is given IT, this is what you deserve!

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