DEBRIS - Domination Extended Beyond Rule-based Superiority

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For some time now, a term has been haunting the Circle of Masters: DEBRIS, amusingly introduced by a SZ member whose nickname consists of only two letters. DEBRIS stands for "Domination Enhanced Beyond Rule Induced Superiority" (domination, extended beyond rule-based superiority). Shorter and much crisper: eat or die.

I have adopted some of these training ideas and methods. I find the training idea and method very productive in practice and very profound which aligns almost perfectly with my own understandings and beliefs that the slave mind and heart is chattel to be used in a means that justifies the end result of TPE chattel.

Directional elements Alignment elements describes the areas over which each form of controlled interaction between lord/in and slave/in is definable.
The alignment elements are divided into
3 Convergence levels, each of which has several definition spaces with different objectives, and routines can include.

1. Disciplining
Disciplining forces the formal, initially only external manifestation of the desired role model by establishing regulate, prohibitions, controls, punish (from phase 1).
Disciplining is thus the foundation of the
mental adaptation, but initially has only a purely formal validity/objective. In the further course of the training the elements of disciplining are increasingly aimed at internalizing rules and forbidden and on the personality of slaves/the slave.

2. Mental opening
Mental opening includes all measures of initiation of significant development spurties in the direction of the slave by individual, possibly also longer actions and action combinations. (s.a. Soften Up)

Measures for Mental opening are carried out as planned to increase the inner readiness of the slave to accept the desired role model or used as required.
The Mental Opening thus functions as a kind of link between external manifestation and inner acceptance of the slave's definition of

3. Mental adaptation
Mental adaptation aims at the successive inner adaptation of the slave to the desired role model through rules and measures that gradually change reality and perception of reality and eliminate or replace old realities in the long term.
Mental adaptation is based on rules/prohibitions/controls of disciplining, but goes beyond the purely formal validity/objective and forces the evolutionary development of the slave according to the defined
Mental adaptation is divided into the sub-levels:

Reality determination
Behavioral determination
Cognitive determinants
Emotion determination Abrichtung.html

There is a much more comprehensive manual

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