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We are not a large studio with many people here at Extreme Productions, it is just my slave Abigail Dupree and I, Master James who makes everything you see on the site and much more. We literally do everything that helps bring you the best Real Master/slave BDSM available on the net and private sessions.

If you like what you see, feel free to donate;

- Just because you like what you see

- Donate to be a slave here in my Dungeon - All gender inclusive - Private or recorded sessions available.

- You want to help finance a particular model or slave to be in session here in the Sensualpain Studio.

- You want to support the fact that Kink BDSM is a real lifestyle and promotes this to the world.

- Maybe you want to see a particular scene done, suggested torture, your written script

- Give to help build a new device for torture.

- You want to donate to the Live Torture Project. The LTP is a project that we are creating with

- Donate to help make a portion of Sensualpain an Educational Recourse

- Give to the fact that W/we share O/our Real Master/slave dynamic relationship with other BDSM practitioners in fetish and kinky sadomasochism community openly for the world to see and be educated by watching our life's journey continue to unfold here. A journey that most do not understand and so few of U/s know and need.

- Help support real Kink, a Lifestyle, a medicine to those who are in need of the BDSM Master/slave, Dom/sub dynamic.

Or simply become a member of

Real sessions - No actors - No fakes
You need what I have to offer - Males, females all genders will need to apply as the first step to slave training.
You're not giving up your freedom to be a slave! You're not giving up said freedom to serve!
You're giving up an opportunity to be who you really are naturally with the reinforcement of rules, structure and protection. if you do not apply for training now, you're giving up on the main reason you are here in this existence.
To be trained as a real BDSM slave in the lifestyle is available to you here and now!
Part timers, wimpy slaves need not apply..
you will be worked..
you will learn basic to advanced BDSM practices.
you will learn active BDSM by serving a real Master.
you will want nothing more than what I have to give, this is all you will need.
you will enjoy it with a Yes SIR.

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hi guys

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