O/our Code of Honor

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We seek dynamic, safe, sane and consensual energy exchanges.
We are Honest.
We keep our word.
We are Responsible.
We help those who are willing to help themself.
We teach those who really want to learn and we respect our teachers.
We freely express sincere respect, appreciation and affection because that builds energy.
We try to avoid debates with those who have closed minds for that is a waste of energy.
We respect relationships.
We do not gossip, back stab or reveal the personal information of others.
We are against bigotry, domestic abuse, child abuse, rape and government interference in our private lives.
We are for individual freedom, personal responsibility, and public service.
We do not bring into our inner circle those who do not strive to live by the above.
We realize some fall short of some of these at times.

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